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Rain is Falling Down..

Published on April 7, 2010 under Art


Today has been one of those days that just feels good. ( I think the boys thought so too !)

Randy got my letters staked out in front of the house. I LOVE it. What I didn’t bank on was the parents coming in and hearing them say.. do you see the letter that YOUR name starts with? A teaching tool …. yay.. bonus.

LOTS of dramatic play going on today.

Sometimes you just have to stop and rest.

Today we were talking about rain. I know this sounds crazy but the forecast was for 20 % and I actually HOPED it would rain. I WANTED it too. It hasn’t so.. on we go. We read lots of coll books like ” Puddles” and ” Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” We made a rain art project.

We used splatter painting to create “rain” on our paper.

Two of our friends decided to use the paint and paint their arms from elbows down in deep blue paint. I was in the same room and had picked up the phone to call my mom to see how she felt this morning. TWO MINUTES… and I had little smurfs running around. I did tell them I was ” annoyed” and then had them clean up many of the paint drips they got all over the room from the art center to the bathroom. Sometimes when children do something like this it is easier to get mad and throw them in the dungeon. Heaving them help clean up the mess they made sometimes has a much better impact. On a side note – as they cleaned one of the little girls said ” we are like Cinderella”. I quickly pointed out that Cinderella worked to clean up OTHER people’s mess – this one was all their own. 🙂

It has been a good day. I had a ABC financial division visit . It wasnt really an audit. This part of the job scares me… paperwork is my weakness. The visit went well.
The plumber is here and waiting on nap time to be over and will be installing a sink in the playroom this afternoon. Those little paint drips will not have as far to travel after today!


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