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Earth Day and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Published on April 22, 2010 under Art


I know the parents are going to LOVE the TRASH art we made today in honor of Earth Day. We keep a bin in our art center full of things that can be recycled into art. I had to be creative to day to show them how you can use them again in other ways.. not just art . I got an old peanut butter jar and we brainstormed what it could be and then how to decorate it. We made a jar to hold pens. I LOVE Rosanna’s hat she made ! If you have things at home that you would like to get rid of and would not mind the kids using it for art, please bring it in. Creating 3D Art really makes a child think ” outside the box”.

We made Earth painting with our hand prints !

We picked up LITTER ! L is for Litter. Why not reinforce some phonics while we are saving the earth ? 🙂
We read ” There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly “. I have this cute little decanter to use when we read this book. She was originally a Mrs Claus and held candy. Can you tell her belly is a window? As we read the children placed the items in her belly . ( Her head pops over. ) Kids LOVE being interactive with a story and the listen SO MUCH better – just waiting for their part ! Both groups asked me ” CAN WE DO IT AGAIN!??” It will be on the table in the morning for them to play with as they come in.
Nice little book I picked up at my favorite teachers education resource store yesterday afternoon for 25 cents! ( Salvation Army ) Nice timing too , huh?

To celebrate one of our favorite books ” There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly” , Randy did fly swatter painting with the kids outside. I took pictures just as they got started . I had heard about this before but hadn’t tried it. Then I read how Teacher Tom used it in his classroom and decided to give it a whirl. The kids loved it.

Lastly , one more song from the KIDDOS CD about bugs !


  1. Michelle

    Yes, I need Randy's plans for that water pump!! We have been trying to make some water area's throughout the yard… would love to have a few of those neat water jugs for the kids to use 🙂

  2. Ms Debbie

    I asked Randy about the water pump and he said Adam ( our son ) gave it to him. I will have to ask Addam but I am pretty sure he will say… I dont remember ! 🙂

  3. Bev

    Haha!! I just came on to post the same thing as Michelle! If you Google "water bottle pump" you can find them everywhere! I'm going to check locally and see if they sell them where they sell the bottles. But Harbor Freight has the cheapest that I have found.

  4. Ms Debbie

    You girls are funny ! FYI, for quality one year I thought I would use this get up to wash hands as the kids went inside to save time. It is RUNNING.. but not warm. Didn't float. 🙂

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