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Whew ! When is Spring?

Published on February 4, 2010 under math

Today the kids have been a little on the loud side. In all fairness a LOT on the loud side. So…we decided to take a little walk to get the energy out. One the walk we looked for numbers, we were reminded the safe way to cross a street , we saw animal prints in the snow and we even ran from a dog. Well, we didnt really run…but we did turn around and go the other way a little more quickly. Mrs. Beth noticed a stray dog coming toward us from down the hill so we went the other way. As the dog got closer we talked about stray dogs and if we should pet them. I have to admit as he got closer my heart was pumping a little not knowing what he would do and I was already devising a plan in my head to get the children in a nearby fence and close them up until the dog was gone. But.. the children remained very calm and quiet and didnt look at the dog and we walked quickly away. He turned and went the other way. Even on spontaneous little walks you can learn so much.

A fun math game we played today was a toss game. I had a basket of puffy cloth hearts and the children were instructed to pick out five hearts. The next step was to toss them in the basket counting out loud as they tossed. After all the hearts were tossed they went to the basket to see how many actually land in the basket. After counting them, they found their name on the chalkboard and made the correct number of tally marks beside their name for baskets made. The final step was to look at the group of four that played and see who had more and who had less. The kids enjoyed it. Great math skills work!


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