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Calm Down… Calm Down

Published on February 26, 2010 under Als Pals

>Today we revisited our exciting day yesterday. I had planned to go on to planes but we had so much fun yesterday I wanted to continue to draw from it’s energy. We read an emergent reader book called ” I Can Go” . The kids had fun coloring the pages after we read it. ( Coloring with lines? GASP HORROR! I know… They did love it though. AND I can tell all those free art and fine motor activities have paid off .)

We also read a book I made last night ( VERY late last night ) that was about our day yesterday. The kids were so excited to see a story with them as the main characters.
You have heard a lot about Als Pals lately. Yesterday and today we practiced the calm down steps. They are:
1 .. Take three deep breaths ( in through nose- out through mouth )
2. Count to 5 1 2 3 4 5
3. Then say.. calm down.
We talked about times that we might need to use this technique. Times that we are sad or mad. Times that we are hurt and even times when we are too excited. They really seem to ” get this.” Wouldnt it be great if we had a group of kids growing up that knew how to self regulate instead of grab a gun or throw a punch?
I encourage you to use the calm down technique at home. When you see your child spiraling out of control – remind them to ” use their calm down steps”.
I took two videos of the song ” calm down” we used to teach this technique.
Have a great weekend.


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