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Get well Soon friends !

Published on December 15, 2009 under parent involvement


Many of our friends are home sick today. FIVE are out! They seem to be feeling ok but running low grade temps. Sharae ( above )was feeling ok but “playing dead.”

Jaden showing the kids how it is done!

Katie… quiet as a mouse.

Jaden’s 5th birthday was today so her mom came and played all day with her and her friends. They took out some of our new games and had a blast. What a much better way to spend the day than with cake and ice cream – memories last longer.

Kynley said her head was cold.

The new game they tried out was ” I can do that!” It has a lot of things they can learn from like following directions, counting and number recognition. The player takes a #1, #2 and #3 card and lays them in order. It gives them tricks to do like- skip around the thingamajig with a cake on your head. It has props inside for them to use. A little cheesy , but still fun.
Other games they played were candy land and chutes and ladders. Chutes and ladders did not keep their attention very long. ( BTW the cool new games I got including the old school ones that are in book-like boxes came from Target. 9.99 or 14.99. )
I hope our friends are back tomorrow. I have a couple more ornaments we want to make and I hate for them to miss out!


  1. Ms Debbie

    So… I am sorry Jessica. It didnt REALLY work. It was in the pretend kitchen for the children to pretend calling and sneak in a little practice with numbers. I never DREAMED… a mom would call…hehe. Did you really? 🙂 If you seriously need this.. Randy has a WONDERFUL Santa voice…. I can arrange a phone call. 🙂

  2. Deborah J. Stewart

    Ha – I love the phone number in your center for calling Santa – I am glad you let me know it isn't real! Your classroom looks like great fun – keep up the great work.

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