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Blah – hum bug

Published on November 30, 2009 under funny things kids say

>Ok, I am having an off day.. or the kids.. or the health dept lady. One of us for sure!

No really, I am not in too bad of a funk. Let me explain.
The day started off with a new black backdrop for our art work display not going up like I thought it would. I was bummed.
Then.. tonight is the mom’s scrapbooking night. I provide all the materials and they start putting together books that will be taken home when the kids graduate to kindergarten. First , I had to spend hours yesterday going through my computer and uploading over 500 photos to walmart. Yes… 500. Can you imagine how many I have actually taken? Then, if that wasnt bad enough. I sorted all 500 plus pictures into 16 little piles and put them in envelopes to make tonight easier. See.. I dont know if you have figured this out about me, but I detest tedious work. This… was tedious. It will all be worth it tonight when I hear the moms chattering and having fun putting their child’s book together but for now…. yuk.
The kids seemed a little rambunctious . ( I can’t believe that didnt show up in spell check. ) It just seemed everywhere I looked was chaos. Not the normal fun organized chaos we love and expect but a weird chaos.
I actually saw one of the kids pretend to ” toot” on another child’s head when he was on the floor. I didnt even address it. I know.. I know, I should have . But at that point, I just thought maybe.. I was in a different world than everyone else and the things I was seeing were not real.
Like… the file folder game with the head torn off the gingerbread boy. Did that really happen?
Then there was Anna. She is really studying the fish bowl, which the kids NEVER do. I saw this as a great teaching moment. ” Anna, what are you looking at?” Anna replies ” The fish, I think he is tired and resting.” Hmm…. He is still a lot, so I go to take a look. ” Anna, that is a tired fish. I think while he is resting I will take his bowl into the kitchen and clean it.” ( AND….. after you leave I will flush him down the toilet and get a new fish that is breathing! )
Lets forget all this and sing some Christmas songs….Tis the season.
Ding Dong…. Health Department. 🙂
It went well. She didnt write us up on anything.
Is it 3:00 yet?
Tomorrow, will be a better day. I just know it. !


  1. Michelle

    Your pictures are great!! Yes, teacher directed crafts can be extremely time consuming… but I bet they loved their vests!! And remember you got to spend some one-on-one time with those small groups too, my kids love to have me to themselves to work on projects sometimes!! They say, "Miss Michelle is mine right now, you have to wait your turn." It is wonderful to be loved 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Sometimes "my" kids say, "It's my turn with Miss Michelle right now, you have to wait your turn!" when we do our few teacher directed crafts. We get to talk, laugh, and create together. I find it to be a time where we can discuss differnt ways of doing things… even if it is time consuming… I am sure your kids loved having you to themselves today!!! And I am pretty sure they loved their vests too!!!

  3. Rita

    I hadn't thought of that view of teacher directed crafts, Michelle. That gives me something to think about. Debbie, does the pineapple thingy take a lot of strength? Our kids love fresh pineapple.

  4. Ms Debbie

    You are right Michelle and there is also the assessment of follwong two step directions etc… but it can really get hectic ! I had a thought too… why do I have them do them all in one day? Maybe splitting it into two days will make a difference !

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