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Almost Turkey Day!

Published on November 24, 2009 under classroom management


You know normally the children are divided into two groups and they each go out for an hour at a time . While one group is out the other group is doing circle time and eating. If you havent noticed it is cooler outside. Randy is really freezing doing two straight hours. Since I am kinda fond of him… I am changing our schedule for the cooler weather. I did a trial run today.. didnt like it. But be advised. The kids schedule is changing up a bit.

Our birthdays are graphed.

” Look Ms Debbie, Me broke my arm.”

Little slices of other cultures everywhere you look.

“Look Ms Debbie the real one and the play one are the same.”

My new toy. Speakers that fill the room hooked to my IPHONE. I love it. I pull up Pandora and of course my favorite station on there is The Laurie Berkner Family Radio station. The kids love it. Today we listend to Jason Mraz. Just makes you feel happy.

Audrey decided to take a break …. probably all that dancing wore her out!


  1. Beth Knight

    I am thankful to be able to drop my child off everyday to a loving happy home where she is loved and nurtured and allowed to make choices and express herself as the unique individual she is. I am thankful that the teachers there are passionate about what they do and have fun while doing what they love. I am thankful that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my daughter will be ready for kindergarten next year both socially and developmentally. I am thankful for Bright Beginnings and the awesome couple that are with my daughter everyday.

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