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Teddy Bear Picnic

Published on October 7, 2009 under creating wonder


Today to end our ” Brown Bear Brown Bear” unit we had a teddy bear picnic. It was a lot of fun. In reality all we did was take our bears outside and ate lunch on the porch but the kids LOVED it. Anything new and different in our day is like a piece of candy to the children. They are genuinely appreciative when you take the extra time to do something special for them.

Other things we did with our bears:
We compared them and lined them up from smallest to largest.
We sorted them into colors. We had one blue bear, two pink bears, one dog, and seven brown bears.
Another exciting thing was a concert for the kids ! Randy and I are preparing to go to Hot Springs this afternoon to open for a key note at AECA ( Arkansas Early Childhood Association ) and give a one and a half hour workshop entitiled ” What is if IS all about the HOKEY POKEY!?” They told us to prepare for 178 but I dont expect there to be that many. The kids LOVE it when we practice. They sing and play along with us. ( See the pictures of the little KIDDOS with guitars and such.) This is a very musical preschool! Kids and music… it doesnt get much better than this !
Thanks for allowing us to close and get professional development time. It is so important to go , learn and be challenged to be better at what we do. It is easy to become stagnant, and your kids deserve more. I will try to update each day what classes we are in and what we are learning. ( Not to mention it is a BIG plus that 4 of our friends have a nasty virus and maybe this will give it time to stop circulating! )
And , thanks to my friend Mary Burton, I leave you with this little song:


  1. Anonymous

    Play and socializing with other kids is great. And you don't need to be in preschooler to do it. We belonged to a playgroup and my kids would play for hours with the other kids. They are still friends with many of these kids.

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