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Friday Wrap up!

Published on October 2, 2009 under music

>I went to bed feeling rather crummy last night. ( Word of advice: Dont NOT cheat on WW and then decide to go to Callahans and order a chopped sirloin dinner. I was good. No bread. Bakes Potato plain. But, I guess that red meat didn’t agree with my choices. ) I also have poison ivy and a blocked salivary gland. No, I didnt know there was such an animal either until my very thorough dental hygenist found it yesterday. Now, I am on antibiotics and have to go back in two weeks. And, I pulled weeds yesterday and got poison ivy on my left hand. And.. I am left handed. Seriously?

Other than all that whining ( from me ) we have had a great day! We are continuing our color unit with ” Brown Bear Brown Bear.” We played color and shape BINGO today . The kids LOVE our music this unit so I thought I would share some of it with you.


  1. Beth Knight

    We had a great day! The children really enjoyed learning the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and some were telling me the story before long! They also enjoyed the great Brown Bear songs you found. There is one that has a great beat (kind of like a rap)…definitely a fun day today!

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