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F – fall and fireman

Published on October 21, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today and yesterday are what I remember fall feeling like when I was a little girl. Yes.. I can remember back that far. 🙂

Some of the new experiences I added today were little Halloween bowls with the numbers written in them for counting and sorting. I had buttons there for them to use with that. Not everything gets used the way I had intended. At one point this morning I looked over and one of the little girls had a doll on the table. She had her head in one bowl and her feet in another bowl. Maybe I thought this was so cute since I know her mommy is a beautician ! Not every child is ready for very activity but allowing them to experience the materials in their own ” safe way” will lead to later exploration and discovery.
Have you noticed there are two pumpkins on the table ? One is big and one is smaller. Just sayin’. Most .. most… everything in the room is placed there with a learning objective in mind.
Today we started talking about firemen. We are getting ready for our trip to the fire station tomorrow. I only hope it doesnt rain. Wouldnt that be a bummer? The forecast says 70 % so I am not feeling very optimistic about it.
Some key points you might want to go back over at home:
We had a picture of fireman in a house with smoke. There was no smoke on their feet. Smoke rises. So, if we are in a house with smoke we need to crawl around so we can breathe.
If we catch on fire we DO NOT RUN. That will make the fire BIGGER! STOP! DROP! and ROLL!
Do your children know what to do if there is a fire in your home? Have you practiced? We do here!


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