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Lots of Learning going on !

Published on September 24, 2009 under A is for apple


Stringing red and green beads onto pipe cleaners. We talked about making a pattern but I didnt insist that they do it ” my way “. 

How many apples long is the worm?

Jaden’s mom enjoying the fun conversations !

Look, I made a necklace!

This takes concentration. Look at Anna’s pattern!

This  can also be a sorting activity !

I took out some new special crayons today and LOVED the pictures they made. Sometimes it takes changing out their environment a little. If that had been crayons I doubt anyone would have scampered to the table quite so fast. I did a huge no no.  I  was so excited to see Whitlee’s picture and exclaimed ” You drew the Very Hungry Caterpillar”. I was wrong… But isnt it good ?

Jaxson did a fabulous drawing too !

Apple prints with a real apple.  I cut little notches in the side of the apple so the children could grip it better.  There is also an A stamp.  Just a little reinforcement. 

Enjoying Jaden’s mom reading ” There was an old lady who swallowed a pie” 

Daniel was so excited that he put the puzzle together by himself!

This is how we manage centers.  There are 8 x 10 pictures of our friends ( these are last year ) and they are numbered.  In this center 3 children can play.  We dont enforce these too much unless an area gets too crowded and a little crazy.

Someone playing house in our Dora playhouse. Did you know it speaks Spanish?

Sometimes we need a little alone time.

Pets… everywhere. They LOVE to pretend to be doggies and kitty cats.

Geneviette working a puzzle

“Here comes Rosanna!”  I think it is sweet how they watch for their little friends to arrive.

Clara reciting our poem of the week and using the pointer. Allowing them to use the pointer helps them understand the flow of reading… top to bottom , left to right. We are also able to point out punctuation marks.
What a fun full day.  Remember, I will be here in the morning when you arrive but will leave later in the morning  to drive to Batesville Arkansas to teach a conference on the future of Family Childcare.   Beth will also be here on Monday. I will be  eating with the governor. hmph!
Can you believe it? Me and about 100 other people! 🙂  This is another early childhood thing that I am helping to facilitate.  So glad I have great helpers and don’t have to worry when I am gone.

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