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Little Red Riding Hood

Published on September 9, 2009 under Uncategorized

>What a rainy dreary day today was ! I do enjoy those ever once in a while though. I got to spend more time visiting with my new little friends. Today we took two ” junk baskets” ( this is like your junk drawer at home ) and cleaned them out. I know you are thinking…. what can my child LEARN while you are cleaning out that basket! Let me make a list for you!

1. sorting. We had to sort out all the stuff. Paper, pens, markers, sharpees, tiny toys, stickers and junk
2. counting . We counted as we took it all out.
3. teamwork- We worked together putting things back where they belong
4. creativity. There were random things that I did not have a place for so they worked as a group to make a collage.

The list goes on and on. Maybe it is time to clean out your junk drawer at home !

Our book today was ” Little Red Riding Hood”. I had planned to take a walk and have a picnic today like Little Red but knew right away this morning that that wasn’t going to happen. Again, this book allowed us to talk about things like stranger danger , the color RED and the letter R.

After reading the book we made RED handprints that we will use tomorrow to finish a gift for grandparents day that is coming up.

Can I encourage you to do something?

When you are helping your child write their name, please use an upper case letter for the first letter and lower case for the rest. Example : Debbie NOT DEBBIE .

Also, when you are reading at home, use the same format I do.

1. Show them the front of the book and ask what they think it is about.
2. Read the title
3. Point out the front of the book.
4. Open the book to the title page and talk about the author ( he writes the story) and the illustrator ( he draws the pictures)
5. As you read as your child what do you think will happen next? Point out punctuation marks like periods, question marks and exclamation marks!

Little Red Riding Hood said.. What big teeth you have ! Today we will brush our teeth for the first time. We do not use tooth paste. This is merely to allow your child practice and to hear how important it is to brush teeth. Are you brushing at home? And.. yes ,we all have personalized toothbrushes that i keep separate and sanitize after each use.


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