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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

Published on August 25, 2009 under fairy tales


Today was such a beautiful morning that we couldnt pull ourselves off the play ground! We had BREAKFAST OUTSIDE! The kids loved it. We had granola bars and they just kept right on playing and munching. I know… probably not the most sanitary way to feed but it was fun for them and made a memory , and today… that is what mattered to me. As I watched them play I saw them forming bonds with each other and starting cooperative play. I am not on the playground much . Randy usually does that, but today it was both of us enjoying the new found friendships!

We read the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs today. We talked about stranger danger and how important it is not to take anything from a stranger or open a door when our mom or dad is not right there. We counted to seven… a lot. We talked about how BLACK Snow Whites hair was and how white her skin was. We took black paint and white paint and mixed it to get gray! Our first color mixing experiment.

We sang a few new songs today….

They loved Come the Rug by SUPER FUN SHOW Shaun Brown. These kids can really dance!~ We also sang a days of the week song to the tune of ” The Adams Family”

Days of the Week ( clap clap)
Days of the Week ( clap clap)
There’s Sunday and theres Monday
There’s Tuesday and there’s Wedensday
There’s Thursday and there’s Friday
And then there’s Saturday
Days of the Week ( clap clap)
Days of the Week ( clap Clap)

Today is also Dillions birthday! YAY! Dillion!

Today was the BEST day Rosanna has had. She hung out with me for a long time and gradually I was able to leave her side to watch her enjoy the bubbles and other children.

We are getting there…. this is going to be a great year!


  1. Michelle Wadlow

    Great pics Ms Debbie! Danny has been going on and on about his first big day! He really loves coming to school, and can't wait until tomorrow!! Thank you so much.. I was so worried about him leaving, and it was really hard, but you guys made it easier on us both! See you tomorrow!

  2. Beth Knight

    We had a great day, huh? I cannot imagine next Monday when I actually have to leave when I drop Whitlee off. You may have to push me out the door!!! You and Randy are so awesome and I am so blesed that I know you both!

  3. A Little This, A Little That...But Oh So Me!

    Getting to see Miss Audrey on her first day has totally made my day better! Thanks for posting the pictures and I can't wait to talk to her tonight to find out how her day went 🙂

  4. Gamma Bugga (Audreys grandmother)

    Well Miss Debbie if you and Mr Randy got Audrey to smile on her first day then you are doing something right. Makes me feel better to know she had a great first day, thanks so much.

  5. Ms Debbie

    Thanks everyone for commenting . It makes my heart smile to know I am not wasting my time! We even have grandmas and aunts on here. WOO WHOO! What a way to stay informed.

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