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Published on August 29, 2009 under fairy tales

>When reading Rupunzel we get another chance to talk about the letter R. What is more important is we built towers and measured them. We wrote down the numbers and talked about which ones were tall, short, taller, and shorter.

If you dont know the story , enjoy!

Other things we did today.

Ate SPAGHETTI… my floor is covered. So is your child’s clothes, so we are even.

Had our first MORNING MESSAGE. This is where I write down a message . The children see me write so they can start to connect that letters make words and that things they say can be written down.

Today’s message was:
Today is Tuesday September 8h.
We read Rapunzel.
Rapunzel starts with R.

Then we brainstormed other things that start with R. I was so proud of Katie as she grinned really big and said RHINO!

There are notes in your cubby that has a list of things missing from your enrollment folder. If you have no note, then you are good to go! If there are things listed, I need that my Friday.

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