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It’s a beautiful morning…

Published on June 29, 2009 under Uncategorized

>We had a fantastic morning outside. The weather was so mild, I decided we would take advantage and stay out a bit longer. It was so nice. The children play so much better when they are not sweaty and irritable. They enjoyed the fresh sand in the sandbox, riding and racing the trikes and scooters, setting up a pretend garage sale. Trikes for $2.00, scooters for a buck, the prices were rock bottom, I tell ya. It was funny to see them set it all up and wheel and deal.

We came in for circle time, and began our week learning about the zoo. We did our morning message and recapped what we did over the weekend. Some swimming, fishing and other summertime activities were reported. We did two songs off of the Bean Bag Rock & Roll C.D. We sang the Elephant Song and the Monkey and the Alligator off of a Dr. Jean C.D. We read Good Night Gorilla and Never, Ever Shout at the Zoo! We also began working on our books From the Zoo.
tomorrow we will take a field trip to the library to see a Brian Knder concert. Should be a great day!


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