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Fun Friday!

Published on May 8, 2009 under Uncategorized

>HAPPY FRIDAY! Today we began our day trying to beat the rain and squeezing in our outside time before breakfast. We played outside for about 30 minutes, and then came in to eat. After we ate, we washed up and began our project of making our Muffins for Moms. Each child got a turn to pour in the mix, pour in the water, or stir the batter for 30 seconds. We counted…exactly 30 seconds. Then we passed the bowl and muffin tins around and we all got a turn to fill the muffin tins with the prepared batter. Mrs. Beth then put them in the oven to bake. We talked about bakers and what their job involves. We decided that is a hard job to do! When we played in centers, we got out the Rainy Day toys. The sand box and water tub were pretty popular today. Some of the children found a box of feathers somebody (me) accidentally left out from yesterday. Well they were the item of the day, apparently. Elliot thought his would make a good pen, and even dipped it in paint to make it write. (I never thought quills would make a comeback, but they are.) Amelia and Halle discovered the pink feathers would write with no paint at all, so they sat in the quiet room writing for a long time. During circle time, we welcomed a visiting student, my daughter Whitlee. She is joining us for the summer, and came today to get acquainted with us. The children were very accommodating, and enjoyed showing her around and especially pointing out the rules she needs to learn. Elliot wanted to be her tour guide: “Do you want me to show you the art center? Do you want to see the science center?” In fact, as I am writing this, he pops his head off his mat and states: “I think Whitlee is cute.” Awww…. In circle time we also talked about our moms once again and I asked them to “tell me about your mommy”. Most of the responses involved hugs and kisses. Here are a few anonymous responses:
“I always give my mommy fishes”.
“Me and my dad buy her stuff when it is her birthday.”
“I give my mom a cake.”
I gave my mama toys.”

We read a book called I Love You the Purplest. It is about a mom and two sons going on a fishing trip and they compete for their mom’s love asking “who do you love the most?”, etc. It was very sweet. In one part of the story it describes that as they are leaving for the trip, the boy locks the cabin door for bears and burglars. I asked who know what a burglar was and Adam was the first one to shoot his hand up. “They come in your house and steal make up, lipstick, and chapstick. ” Elliot also wanted to elaborate that they are tall and skinny and run fast. so funny, these kids!

It was a great day…so glad I could be a part of it. See you at graduation! ~Beth


  1. Jessica

    This is the wedding we let them do a few months ago. They have been “together” for seriously like 2 years. It’s worth watching because you can see how serious Elliot is. Was. It’s a little scary maybe. But it’s over and now he’s not allowed to have a real girlfriend until he’s a teenager!!

  2. Ms Debbie

    Jessica, that was great, thanks for sharing! Somethings I loved were the msuic box music.. that made that video perfect and then the little girl asking for rock and roll! Also, couldnt miss Clara asking for Milky…

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