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Clean Mud

Published on May 20, 2009 under Rainy Day Fun


Today was a BEAUTIFUL day for playing outside. I LOVE the way the trees cover the play yard like a tent . It is so peaceful.

Randy added a little color today with the umbrellas.  He moved a picnic table to the front yard.

YUK ! Mud!

Finger painting the DUCKS MUCK!

Home -made matching game

Playing with letter tiles and finding the letter  to all the animals in ” Duck in the Muck”

Clean Mud

This is Debbie again!   We had fun today. Even though I was only off for two days, I missed the kids and the classroom.  It was fun to get back in there if only for a day. Ms Beth had some personal errands to run so I took back over for the day. I had a meeting last night and this is what I came home to:

Mrs. Beth had already written on the journal for tomorrow. It said Ms Debbie will be our teacher today!   We will play in clean mud.. Then, I walked in the kitchen and there was breakfast and lunch all laid out and ready for me.   WOW… I am impressed. She did all the things I do for other people when I will be out for the day.  Also, she switched the menu from chicken fettucine to hot dogs so it would be easier on me.   Now, you see why I am totally comfortable leaving my home and my business to her? She ROCKS!
We also took four of the animals from the book and graphed who would want to be which animal.   Their responses as always were quite funny.   After that we read a book called ” Little Quacks New Friend’ and I challenged them to tell me how the two books ( One Duck Stuck in the Much )  were alike.  They were right when they said both had mud and were about friends.  I love to see preschoolers stretching those little minds .
If you would like to make clean mud at home here is how-



3 bars of Ivory Soap, grated
1 to 2 rolls Toilet Paper
Hot water (not scalding!)

 Put the soap and t. paper into a large mixing bowl or dish tub. Gradually add a little hot water, and mix with the hands. Continue to add small amounts of water, until a nice “muddy” consistency is obtained. 


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  1. Adam's Mom

    Isn’t it funny that the first thing Todd asked me after our conference is if we both cried! =) I know how much you love these kids! I love and appreciate you and Randy so much. Thanks for giving Adam your all these past two years. Briniging Adam to you was one of the best decisions I have made as a parent.

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