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Cinco De Mayo

Published on May 5, 2009 under Cinco De Mayo


Today we celebrated Cinco De Mayo!  At the last minute as I glanced at the menu for today – beef stroganoff , I thought SURELY I could have planned better than this! So…. we paired up and  set out on foot to Taquaria.  Yes, 14 preschoolers and 2 crazy teachers went out to eat Mexican food.  
It was really a lot of fun. The children used their manners and thoroughly enjoyed their food.  As we waited  we talked about the things they had hanging in the room ( rugs, sombreros).  Fun stuff ! 
Maybe next time we wont sit so near the door.   The children began to announce when people would come in.  For instance, a group of soldiers came in – they  all yelled ARMY MEN!  Of course, that was an opportunity to talk about the fact that Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of a war won and how these soldiers protect us.  Several of the children said ” thank you.” Then a man came in with an “outback” hat on. The kids yelled COWBOY…. he laughed- thankfully.  As I sat , I got nervous each time the door opened wondering who would walk in to entertain the kids and what they would yell.  We did, by the way, talk about yelling isn’t appropriate in restaurants, but anything that 14 preschoolers say at one time… feels like a yell.
Before leaving this morning we made homemade maracas from baby formula cans. The moms and dads will LOVE this one at home ! 🙂
Halle’s grandmother made mexican cookies for us today! Thanks!
We also played a bean bag toss game. As we tossed the bean bag around the room we counted in spanish.
and then we would all yell
DE MAYO!!!!!!!   ( They SHOULD know this means.. the 5th of May! )
Fun day if I do say so myself.  
Do we really just have  8 more this year?



  1. Preschool Playbook

    They must have had so much fun making cotton candy. Did it taste like the real thing? I know I’ve seen these machines before and always wondered if they really work. Can’t wait to see the peacocks.

  2. Ms Debbie

    It really worked ! I am so excited ! They loved it. I do need to get some of the sugar especially formulated for the machine. Peacocks.. I never took a picture. Wait.. you arent into teacher directed art…:)

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