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The Things I Hear and See

Published on April 6, 2009 under Uncategorized


Ms. Debbie, remember that bunny you gave me when I saw a little child?  ( She is 5 now! )

My mommy has a bag in her belly with water and blood and a baby that is connected to her body.
Ms Debbie, I love you.
Randy, you’re silly.
I am making this BEAUTIFUL picture for my mom.
Looks Ms Debbie, no hands. ( arms pulled all the way in the shirt.)
Fiddle Dee Widdle Dee Widdle…..
We have a LOT to do.
Amelia counting her friends from the block center.
Whoever be’s the quietest gets to go.
Ewww….  ____________  picking your nose.  
Elliot and Gavin LOVING my new connector manipulatives !
Christian being a leader.
Who wants to play with my marble?
Jaxson exploring the new GOLD button collection.
Look Ms Debbie, I made a pattern.  Blue Blue Yellow Yellow Red Red Green Green !
Look at me Ms Debbie ( from a THOUSAND places ) 
I love to look around our room and see and hear my friends learning and loving.
Family Childcare.. where loving and learning begin.

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  1. Anonymous

    I LOVED reading this. I enjoyed your pictures of the ribbons and how the children reacted and engaged in such different ways. I so enjoyed your reflective tone. I wonder what will happen as you ponder on Reggio more! Thanks for letting me know you’d done and and posting the link. joanna

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