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Hello Mrs. Beth

Published on April 13, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today was a normal dad…. you know, lots of bright children running around having a good time.  

One thing that was different was that we had a special visitor with us today.  I am actually stepping out of my comfort zone and hiring someone to come in and work this summer in our place while Randy and I are traveling and singing.  I met Beth a while back and knew immediately that this would be something I could consider. She is that good…. We just clicked. I could tell we are both alike in that we like to challenge the kiddos  to be more independent  .  I liked the way she talked to the kids and the parents.  It all seemed to fit.   She came in today to work with me to get a glimpse of our day and meet the kids.   I think it all went well. She didnt run out the door screaming, so all is good.  She will be here several days between now and when school is out.
We got our QA score in. On a 1 – 7 scale we got a 5.68.   Last year we had a 6.21 .  There were some revisions this year and some things that I just cant change.  An example would be the porch. It is more than 2 ft above the ground in some areas , therefore it is considered a safety hazard. I wouldnt trade my porch for all the world…. so I will take a hit there.  I will put the report on the sign in table in the next few days and you can read it if you like.  🙂
The kids decided they want to learn more about zoo animals in the next few weeks, so…. off we go on a new unit!
Oh yeah.. we have been singing our end of year program songs and one of them is called MOM.  I was so proud of the kids that during journal time wrote mom on their paper without any help.  I didnt even ask them to.  Curious learners. That makes like exciting. 


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