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Friday Wrap up!

Published on April 17, 2009 under Uncategorized


This is Randy’s attempt at being funny.  This is our certificate for the training yesterday and his orange purse he created from” found materials” – his very own stimulus package.

Jaxson smiling up from the floor.  Boston was next to him and had one of the new instruments you twirl to make a noise.  Jaxson way lying below the instrument enjoying the visual as well as the auditory!
We learn as we play. This is how we learn to be a mommy , a doctor or even a teacher!
Another piece of art from last night. I was kind of proud of it!
Randy’s art…  hmm….  The funny thing is I laid both our art projects on the table and guess who’s got picked up more? RANDY’S!   Elliot said they look like binoculars!
Christian enjoying one of our new toys of culture.   You would’nt believe where we found these.  BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY.  I find the coolest things to use in the classroom at the most unlikely places.
Randy’s new addition to the play yard.
Mykah fixing a ” tri bicycle”.   
Hey, where are you driving us to?
Look at the determination!
See, there are just some experiences the kids have with a man on staff that they wouldnt otherwise have.
KIDS LOVE CHRISTMAS!   Halle was singing and I asked her did she mind if I taped it.   My favorite part of the day are the times like this.
Busy week ahead.   Randy and I have a concert tomorrow in Harrison.   I leave Monday afternoon for meetings in Little Rock.   Meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday with the Commission.   ( I HOPE to start working on the end of the year DVD and studying for finals while I have quiet time in my hotel room!)  Home on Thursday.   Thursday night is an Arkansas Children’s Week Celebration with all the programs at the park.  It will end with a concert from the KIDDOS!    Friday we are off to Conway to help the Faulkner County crew celebrate Arkansas Children’s Week and then… back here Saturday morning at 9 am for a concert at the Dogwood Festival.    
Sounds like a fun filled busy week!


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