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A Breather

Published on April 21, 2009 under Uncategorized


I love blogging, not only is it a great tool of reflection for myself but it is a learning tool.  It allows  me evaluate the experiences I have had with the children for the day and what I might do differently the next time. Especially  the pictures- the pictures should be able to tell a story  by themselves. 

As you ( my parents know) I made it to LR to a meeting a day early. NOT INTENTIONALLY. … really.   So, I have made great use of my time today by writing a paper for my Arkansas History course, returned emails and finished a little paperwork. I didn’t sleep in…  I have been in the room all day ( unless of course you count when I went to the vending machines in my PJ’s and got locked out of my room..) I was also able to catch up on reading a few of my favorite blogs and to my surprise I was mentioned in a couple.  I am honored.  The best kudos I get come from the kids and other teachers, they are the only ones that truly understand what I do.  

Here is what was said: 

and  Once upon a day in Preschool because Ms. Debbie is the home preschool guru. I love that these two ladies are so open to learning new things and are passionate about creating wonderful learning environments for their preschool students.
A big public thank you to all these ladies for being my “bucket fillers.” You are all Truly Awesome.

Once upon a day in preschool: I choose this blog because it’s from the point of view of someone who runs a small school out of her home.  I like this and have pondered actually doing something similar one day!  She has a great blog and gives a good idea of what her children do each day!  They all seem happy and excited about school!  Love the pictures – again it’s always a plus with me!  She is also very honest and her personality seems to come across in her blog – a good read!

What an honor!  You fellow bloggers have made my day! Thanks!


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