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We’re Goin’ on a Leprechaun Hunt!

Published on March 17, 2009 under Spring


Our day started off pretty normal. Well, sort of – if you consider normal having the USDA food program sponsor show up and tell me Lucky Charms are not credible.  I honestly thought they were since they were less than 12 grams of sugar but I guess the rule is less than 10 grams.  WHO KNEW.  Oh well, we switched gears and served toast. Not NEAR as much fun as a cereal with a leprechaun on it… but nutritious.  We didn’t let that ruin our fun day.  We left out at 10:15 looking for a leprechaun after reading the book ” The Night Before St Patricks Day”.  We learned that you have to be very quiet and SNEAK up on the leprechaun and if you see one–STARE- don’t blink . They are fast little boogers.  So, off we go…. checking under trees for signs of the little guy.

Here we are jumping up and down in the library.
We went in there to see if they had seen a leprechaun and they had not, but found a note he had left.
Since we were there, we decided to read a book or two. 
We also saw a bulldozer IN THE CREEK on the way there. I wonder what he was doing?
Katie is ready to catch the little leprechaun. They are small you know.
Halle monkeying around at the park while we took a break from the hunt.
Randy and Katie.
The lady at the bank said she had not seem the leprechaun either but HE LEFT ANOTHER NOTE!
This is Ron. He is Adams barber.   He said he had not seen a leprechaun but he had a note for us too. We had to run in place and count to 10.  Boy, this leprechaun hunt is really getting exhausting.

We went into the beautiful new flower shop downtown. It smelled SO nice and was pretty too.  Once again, we barely missed that quick little man, but HE LEFT A NOTE!
We found the perfect place to take a rest.
Gavin resting on Randy…. 
Katie is tired.  ” Are we there yet?”
Wouldn’t you know that luck was really on our side? I  —-I mean the leprechaun, had hid his gold just a few feet from the fountain in the park. Look close and you will see the rainbow. ( I know…. I coudnt have planned it better!)  
Is it here?
Is it there?
YES YES YES!!!! We found the Leprechauns gold!
Now, we get to eat it!
Who needs a playground?  Look at the exercise we are getting.  
What a beautiful day to explore our town and look for a leprechaun.
In case you didnt catch all the things we learned along the way, here are a couple more.  These fire extinguishers  were close to the helicopter pad at the hotel. Why are they there?
What does this sign mean?

 This was a fun day.   Life is good when you can forget your troubles for a day and make people all over town think you are crazy hunting for a leprechaun and his gold.  Happy St Patricks Day!


  1. Deanna

    Yay Debbie! I’m so so glad – hope he continues to do well. and that you were able to buy more stick stuff. haha – i’m glad you posted that lamb pic, our “head” fell off and I had NO idea where to restick it!

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