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Spring Break Fun!

Published on March 26, 2009 under Uncategorized


We have had tons of fun. If it wasn’t 11:57  right now and I didn’t have to get up at 6:15 I would tell you all about it.  But for a quick wrap up.   1.  Jones Center  AETN  day….  100o kids, Clifford the Big Red Dog and yes, if you look good enough- you will see us standing against a wall waiting on the ALL OK from a fire drill.   ugh….  2.  Today we went to see a movie , the Really Woolie Movie.  Again- LOTS of kids but not as much waiting.  We even saw a little pirate there that used to be one of our preschool friends!  See if you can find him !

I am in Tulsa now and planning to  tour a Reggio Emelia Center tomorrow .  It is a curriculum model that I am looking at for next year.  If you are curious, you can start doing a little research here- ( but if you go, you need to tell me what you think! )


  1. AdamandKaylasmommy

    WOW! What a fun day!!! Seriously??? What are the odds that the USDA food people would show up today! Lucky Charms are is the only cereal you can eat on St. Patricks day!

  2. Ms Debbie

    Lacey, I knew it was about time. I didnt think it mattered because I had the reg all wrong. We usually do cherrios, today was a special day. ugh.. that is what I get for trying to get teacher of the year. And.. do you still blog?

  3. CherokeeMom

    this was a good day to see our town.. Roise had sooooooooo much fun she still has not stoped tolking about it.she said that she had a great time . Thank you so much for being her Teacher for the last two years…. You and Randy are the best……..

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