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Lots of Learning going on !

Published on March 12, 2009 under Uncategorized


Today has been one of those days that you say ” this is the way it is supposed to be.” Yesterday, I spent a lot of time looking around for things I forget to do and it can be quite
 overwhelming.   For instance, I changed out all the free art and put new stuff up.   As I hung up Jaden’s picture of geese she glued onto a blue sheet of paper I was reminded of a missed opportunity.  We talked about her geese but we didnt count them ! I didn’t ask her to tell me a story about her geese.  Man, I wasn’t on my toes that day.
This is Katie and Adam enjoying playing with toys from our rainy day box.  Can you believe it is SNOWING???  That really doesn’t sit well with all the SPRING books I just brought down from the resource room.
These are squares and rectangles some of the kids cut out to make a beautiful collage rainbow.  So many skills were being practiced for this project.  Planning, cutting, sorting, gluing, teamwork, clean-up—-  

Feeling pressure to prepare kids for standardized tests, some preschools make academics their first priority. Proponents applaud this early preparation, but others worry that it comes at the expense of preschool’s original purpose: socialization. Those opposed to an academic focus say preschool should return to being a place where a child’s only job is to play.

 Preschoolers are under pressure to learn too much, too soon. Playing well with other children should be the main focus at this age.

Elliot was a painting machine today.  He said it is because he is ” an amazing artist.” 
Isaiah and Luke, friends from the past , helped me make these a couple years ago.   I have had them in book form and decided to contact paper them to the wall.  Seems the kids like using them this way! The pieces of construction paper are cut the same shape as our blocks. The children try to replicate the structure on the paper.
We write our name all day in lots of places !
I was so proud of Jaxson today. He is becoming quite the little writer!!!!  WOO WHOO for 3 year olds that think they are 5 ! 


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