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The Wheels on the Bus

Published on February 18, 2009 under transportation


The wheels on the bus go Round and Round
Round and Round
Round and Round 
The wheels on the bus go Round and Round
All through the town !
Since we are studying modes of transportation we had the school bus come visit today! The kids were so excited!  A couple were a little scared at  first, I think they were afraid we were going to get on it and go somewhere.  But Randy got one hand and I took the other, and we all loaded together.  It was a great learning experience. After the bus left we came back into circle time and talked about what we saw.
1.  Numbers on the wall ( assigned seating )
2.  Numbers on the bus  11- 6 35.  The last two are the child’s bus number
3.  A fire extinguisher in case there is a fire.
4. A first aid kit.
5.  THREE doors
6. Lots of buttons
7. LOTS of seats.
8. A camera

I got a new wall applique off ETSY and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Below my new applique are MY ARTIST renditions of tire tracks!

So cool.  I love great days!  


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