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Paper Airplanes

Published on February 23, 2009 under transportation

>Today  we expanded on our talk of things that can transport us in the air. We read a book called ” Peter and Peggie” Pilot.  In the book we talked about the kinds of things that we see in an airplane but we also talked about P words. The kids came up with about 15 on their own!  Later we made paper airplanes. The kids decorated a piece of  white paper and then Randy folded it into an airplane for them. More than once, the hallway was a run way today!

We have a new bench seat in the playroom.  FCCRS standards (  the quality standards that we go by) states that the environment should have comfortable adult seating.  As I was thinking through everything again, I thought about this. The purpose for this is so that the adult will be more inclined to go in that room and facilitate or join play.  The green room has the big chair and a couch.  The downstairs playroom has chairs that are comfortable to sit in for us “taller people” but the dress-up area has none.   The dress-up area is the most active room in the house for the kids.  A LARGE part of their learning and socialization take place in there but the only seating is two child size recliners or easy chairs and two very tiny white chairs for the table set.  Has this impacted the time we spend in there? Of COURSE IT HAS!  I had never thought about it…  We walk in and talk to them or check on them, but rarely did we go in for a length of time and watch or join the play.    That really bothered me.  So… I went out Saturday after a training and bought an adult size bench.  I hate to sacrifice the space but I bet they will never miss the floor space but they will realize we are in there more often.   The bench is so cute. It is white and has two baskets underneath it for storage.  We put the play hats and the doll clothes in there.
The bench…
The quality indicators are there for a reason.  Sometimes, it just takes a little while for it all to soak in.
A funny thing I over heard today.
5 boys with one yoyo – trying to decide who gets the next turn.
eny minnie miney mo
Catch a monkey by his toe
My mommy told me 
not to choose any of you guys…
I thought I would laugh out loud.  They got it all figured out.. without me.  🙂 I love it when we come to the end of the year and I am not a referee- they have mastered problem solving skills and don’t need me near as often.


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