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Mr Sun

Published on February 9, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Oh Mr Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun… please shine down on me.

I think we will be hearing this a lot this  week.  The weatherman seems to think it will rain every day this week.  Gee… thanks.
Today wasnt  actually too bad.  We had four of our friends out. One is sick, one is coughing and two are out of town.   With this many gone it makes the day seem a lot less fast paced.  That is the pitter patter of 8 little feet that we dont hear.  Eight hands that arent reaching for more and 4 noses that don’t need wiped- atleast by me! 🙂
Since it was raining we  read a book called ” It rained on Monday ” How appropriate , right? The book is about emotions and we made all the faces that the little boy in the book makes and talked about what makes us feel that way.  We ended circle time by making a predictable story called ” When it rained on Monday , I was……” Each child filled in the blank with what they felt. Some were sad, they LOVE outside play. Some were happy- they remembered we have a new rainy day box to explore.  Some said,” I played with my friends.”   
We also read/ talked about a book called rain.  We kinda went into a pre-k version of where rain comes from.   FYI-  The rain is pulled up from the earth by the sun.  It comes from different places like lakes, ponds and rivers. We even let some water droplets out when we talk !  It goes up into the clouds.  The white fluffy clouds have a little rain in them but the larger gray clouds are full. When it gets too full, it releases some of the water and we get rain!
Today… was  a child centered curriculum today.  We talked about what was important to them and what they were experiencing.    🙂  


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