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The Hat

Published on January 21, 2009 under Winter

>The rest of this week we are doing a ‘study” of Jan Brett books.
The one we did today is called ” The Hat” It is a funny story about a little girl that is getting ready for winter and takes out all her
” woolens” to hang them on the line. We had a little discussion about “hanging things on the line.” I think for most people that is a thing of the past , but a few of the kids had a grandma that uses a clothesline ! I told the kids when I was a little girl a LONG time ago, that my mom mainly used the clothesline. Can I just say… Thank God for dryers!

Ok, back to the story. She drops one stocking on the ground and a curious hedgehog crawls in and it gets stuck on his head. As he greets all his animal friends they laugh at him. He explains it is to keep his head warm or dry. The “stocking cap” becomes all the rage as the animals raid the clothes line to get a hat for themselves.

The story gave us the opportunity to talk about the words curious and embaressing. This afternoon we will rhyme words with hat !

I put a clothesline up in the playroom and a basket of ” woolens” for the kids to clothes pin. They LOVED it!

You should see the awesome plane that Elliot made .. he has been working on it for days. Ever once in a while he lets the other kids join him to create. The box of new toys at the top of the page is our new “rainy day box”. This box contains equipment for the kids to enjoy while they work 9 gross motor skills! The kids are excited for a rainy day to come! Some examples are: a crawl through tunnel, a bean bag toss, a carry the egg game, monster feet ( like small stilts ) , a balance beam, a bowling game , a hop scotch game… I know…. you didnt think I had to give a lot of thought to the toys I put out. Sometimes, I wish it was that simple!

A new friend started today. Her name is Sharae and she will be here for this year and next!


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