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Published on January 4, 2019 under Winter

Today the creativity and imagination being used was incredible. If you give children the time and the resources they can do great things.

These two played quite a while here. For part of that time this area was an ice cream shop. ” what flavor do you want ? How many scoops ?” All the normal things that happen in a traditional play I’ve cream shop happened – HOWEVER – look at the skill and imagination it took to build this ice cream shop. They had to balance materials and talk to coordinate their plan. They had to work together. If I bought a traditional ice cream shop set up the play would begin with ” what flavor ?” and all the skills used to put this amazing little set together would be skipped.

Did you have a friend in school that you both loved to do the same thing ? That is what gravitates us toward people. Leavie and Maybelle love to write. For over an hour they sat here “writing .” It was actually a game for a while that benefited both. Leavie ( who is shy ) would go ask the other children what color is their favorite and tell maybelle . Maybelle would color a piece of her card that color. Teamwork ! This is how writing skills are practiced on a fun playful experience.

This group played in that corner with very few toys for over an hour. They had many scenarios going. At one point they were all on the floor swimming while the dog drove the car 😳🤷🏻‍♀️😂.

Dale loves to draw. He usually draws one creature – pictured on the right. I sat across from him today and he said ” will you color with me ?” Well sure ! What would you like for me to color ? He replied a snow man. I did. He progressed to draw many snowmen of his own and they were quite good !

( Mine is the green snowman. He asked me to add legs. ) Sometimes just giving a child an extra nudge in a different direction can lead to things you never knew they were capable of. Way to go Dale ! Also – again – fine motor practice without forced interest.

We got to go outside today. Savanna noticed our flowers are coming up already. What ??

We were all happy for the outside time.


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