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Wah Wah Wah Wacky Wednesday

Published on March 6, 2013 under Dr. Suess

The day started a little slow as I looked at my phone and saw how chilly it was this morning.  I hadnt quite decided what I was going to wear for Wacky Wednesday but the moment I got out of bed, I just KNEW what I had to do.  I made some pigtails ( which are really difficult to do on yourself ) put on some fresh pj’s and added some pearls.  Yes, I would say that is pretty wacky – for me anyway.



Mr Randy really had the wack going on.  He had shorts over pants , his hair was crazy and he only shaved one side of his face.  He and Kaden made quite the pair.






















Several of the kids looked quite wacky as well.










































And.. as they walked around the room they found wacky wonderfulness wevery where. ( I know.. I wanted it all to start with a w. )






























































We got quite the surprise when Ms Dallas arrived in her PJ’s as well !






















Our day started off with CUPCAKES FOR BREAKFAST ! No….. it was really chocolate muffins with cream cheese frosting.  Even Im not THAT WACKY !























Even on Wacky Wednesday we do a little learning.  In small groups we read the book by Dr Suess called Wacky Wednesday. In the book there are all sorts of things wrong – like a man driving from the back seat, a turtle in a tree and a candy cane as a desk leg.




As we read the book we looked for all the wacky things going on. It was a lot of fun.  We also sorted out some items that start with the letter W.  This is the big difference between how I teach and how many other preschools teach.  I do not believe worksheets are the best way for children this age to learn. I think hands on and using real objects they can put in their hands is what makes the most difference.  Can you see how this activity would normally be a worksheet activity and we adapted it to something that is developmentally appropriate.  ( If you remember going to kindergarten or preschool and being given a sheet of paper with the letter W at the top and 10 or so pictures below and you were supposed to circle the objects beginnings with W – raise your hand. )






















We also wrote some W’s on a blank sheet of paper and said the W sound.

We did wacky things in circle time like hop on one foot with our hand on our head. We made silly faces and I asked them to touch their tongue to the tip of their nose.  Lilly is cracking me up as she tries.











































In our outdoor classroom the kids played normal but we also threw a little WACK into that part of the day. Everyone likes a little cheetos toss, right ?































Lunch was peanut butter and banana dogs.









































Snack will be drinks… wait !  I cant get it to come through the straw. Thats because its JELLO!!! HAHAHAHA! Also, I asked the kids would they like brownies for snack and of course they said sure. What do you think that will think about these wacky BROWN E’s ?




Always always learning but making memories is important too. I would say we did that today.



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