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Math and Science Activities – Love Style.

Published on February 16, 2012 under Uncategorized

Katelyn’s mommy came to play for a while today.   She didnt have to be at her  school until later so she treated Katelyn to some extra mommy and me time.  You are always welcome to come hang out with your child . The best hours are between drop off and 10:30.

In small groups today we took drops of red coloring in white shaving cream and guessed what color it would be after we mixed in a zip lock baggie.  I got some random blue’s and reds but many of them guessed pInk !

We also did an estimation game with conversation hearts.  We talked about the concepts larger and smaller and guessed how many small hearts would fit in the large heart on the paper.   Many of the kids said 5 , even in different groups.  I have never noticed. I wonder if that is just a favorite number of many of them.  After giving them the amount they guessed and letting them try it , I have them more to fill the heart.  After the heart was filled we counted how many actually fit in the heart.  I teach them to count by touching one item at a time and separating them from the rest of the group so they don’t get confused.  Most of them could do this.  When you are at home and handing out a snack each time have them count whatever you gave them. This will reinforce all the great counting skills they are learning at school.

Then I had one that guessed 36.  I am pretty sure he figured out that how many ever hearts you ended up with is what you got to eat and he wanted a lot.  🙂

If you child comes home trying to do the cha cha slide please credit Randy with that knowledge. I taught the math and science.  ( Though one child was VERY good at it and said I know how to do the cha cha slide – we do that at Roller City! )

Sometimes my favorite part of the day is catching kids dressed up pretending.


















We have long pick heart on the table for a fine motor game. The girls love carrying them and pretending the art heart arrows.  I asked them to keep them on the table. They break easy and would get lost . They came up with their own solution . The made some out of paper.  YAY Girls!  Way to think outside of the box  ! 



The kids also enjoyed the new heart toys in the purple sand today and the water that I turned red just for Valentines fun.























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