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Christmas Rush

Published on December 10, 2010 under Christmas


This week seems to have flown by. Especially since ” Holy Gaucamole” I FORGOT TO blog yesterday. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and we had all those great discussions about doing genetic testing to see what my risk factor is for ovarian cancer since my mom died from it and to be honest.. it just never crossed my mind once I got home.
So, first let’s recap yesterday.
Dillion loved playing with his olives…

Audrey was counting presents to put under the number trees !
We played a rhyming game.
And Mary, Williams mom came to write the kids letters to Santa that will be in the paper. If you dont allow Santa at your home, we respected that and just asked what they might want… not necessarily from Santa. ( And we appreciate you not making a HUGE deal out of the fact that many of our children do believe and ruining the joy for them. ) I think we have a good balance of secular and religious values in our Christmas units.
Today we made snowmen. The kids said they looked like pirates. I think they might be right.. 🙂
And here’s your Friday flick !
Sorry it’s sideways.. I dont know how to change it . 🙂


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