>Wow, what a busy week.  It seems like a month since our QA inspection when it was only 3 days ago.   Today has been fairly uneventful.  We are starting to talk more about going to kindergarten and the things they may see/ do there.   During journaling time today , we took our clips […]

Waiting for the Rain

>Today has been a relaxing day.   Four of our friends were out for unrelated reasons and Geneviette was able to spend the day with us.    We decided to get outside this morning before the rain set in.   Since we went out as  a whole group , I was out there for a […]

Wet World Wednesday!

>Today we read the book Wet World  and it just happened to be on Wednesday – lots of W sounds going on ! After reading the book we drew a picture with crayon and then water colored over the top of it to  make it look like a rainy day.   The children were shocked […]

QA Visit

> Today was THE day.    We have been waiting for 2.5 months for our annual quality inspection. We use a scale somewhat like ECCRS called FCCRS ( family child care rating scale) . I mentor other homes that are wanting to go through this process , so the pressure is on to pass.  I […]

Welcome Back

> This weekend I went thrift shopping.  Being at the Riverfield Dayschool made me want to do SOMETHING ! I can’t be where they are yet, but I can take baby steps.  I wanted to add  pieces of “wonder” for the children to find when they came in  today. One of the things I saw […]

Am I good enough to have a Reggio inspired classroom?

>After getting home and unpacking from my trip to Riverfield Country Dayschool in Tulsa, I looked around my space. The space my kiddos have for learning is full of whimsy and wonder.  Can I let go of all this to have a Reggio inspired classroom?  Do I HAVE to let go of all of this […]

Spring Break Fun!

> We have had tons of fun. If it wasn’t 11:57  right now and I didn’t have to get up at 6:15 I would tell you all about it.  But for a quick wrap up.   1.  Jones Center  AETN  day….  100o kids, Clifford the Big Red Dog and yes, if you look good enough- […]

The “write” stuff

>The older kids have really been into writing today.   They have made list and graphs galore.   This is how children become better writers. I can throw dot to dot in front of them all day, but if they aren’t ready— they aren’t ready. Here is an article that discusses the “stages of writing” […]