Rain, rain, stay away!

>It is not often that we get the best of both worlds, but today we got rain AND outside playtime! We headed out early to try to beat the rain, and apparently it had been sprinkling before we went out, because water was dripping from the leaves of the trees. We did not care, though! […]

Sunny Monday

>Today was great! We began our new week of “Over in the Ocean”. We played this morning, and enjoyed some new water table toys: different colored dolphins to catch, sort, and count. In circle time, we read 3 books about different kinds of fish and a fish counting book. We charted what we think we […]


> We finished our week of frogs today! We made 5 Green and Speckled Frogs Sitting on a A Log, made a web of all we know about frogs, taught Ms. Beth the “Toottie-Tah”, read another Froggy book, and learned a new months of the year song! Good times, good day, GREAT WEEK! I love […]

Busy Day!

>Today it seemed we were playing and doing and on the go…very busy! The children really were into dramatic play this morning. Whitlee, Jaxson, Katie, & Adam set up the chairs in the playroom to pretend they were going somewhere on an airplane. Adam had a blazer on so I am pretty sure he was […]


>Today we had another great day! Right after breakfast we went outside because I thought it may rain. It did not. Oh well! They had fun anyhow, I do not think they care when they go outside as long as they get to. We did chalk on the porch and got out the bubbles and […]

Froggy fun!

>Welcome back from a long weekend! I heard lots of things that the children did over the weekend. Sounds like everyone had fun! Today we began our new unit about frogs. We talked in circle time about how frogs grow from tadpoles into frogs and how their bodies change. We read frog books and poems. […]


>We wrapped up our first week of our new curriculum talking about animal habitats. In circle time, we learned about the different places animals live. We talked about the similarities and differences that habitats have, and that some animals can live in more than one type of habitat. After circle time, Ms. Beth set up […]

Quiet Day

>Today we were missing three of our friends, so I kept noticing how quiet it was. We played again in our “clean” mud. Katie said it was “soggy”…good word! Jaden liked that it was warm. Tomorrow will be our last day with it, and then we will go back to our regular water table. We […]

Clean Mud

> Today was a BEAUTIFUL day for playing outside. I LOVE the way the trees cover the play yard like a tent . It is so peaceful. Randy added a little color today with the umbrellas.  He moved a picnic table to the front yard. YUK ! Mud! Finger painting the DUCKS MUCK! Home -made […]


>Today was a busy day! Whew! Nothing too special, just alot going on it seemed. Some of the children finished creating the ducks we started yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Debbie has left us workbooks to continue practicing our skills over the summer, and I think all of them worked on them at some point this morning. […]