Field trip!

>Today we are going to the Brian Kinder concert at the library, along with every other child in Siloam Springs, I am sure. We are leaving school an hour before the show to guarantee less chaos for Ms. Beth. We will see how this goes, but the kids are so excited and I know they […]

It’s a beautiful morning…

>We had a fantastic morning outside. The weather was so mild, I decided we would take advantage and stay out a bit longer. It was so nice. The children play so much better when they are not sweaty and irritable. They enjoyed the fresh sand in the sandbox, riding and racing the trikes and scooters, […]


>Today we wrapped up our dinosaur unit with one of my favorite all-time science projects…the baking soda/vinegar volcano! I took pictures of it, and will try to upload them this evening to this post. I did not tell the children what would happen, but asked them to guess. Almost every one of them thought when […]

>I think I have officially changed our schedule. It is just too hot to go outside after lunch. We are now going out right after breakfast. The kids really enjoy going out at that time of day, and today is the second day I have done it this way. The sun is not too blazing, […]

Wet Wednesday!

>It is hot out there…and we all are glad today was Wednesday! We all looked forward to getting outside so we could get wet and have fun! We started our day in centers. I put out some new dinosaur wipe off boards that I bought last night. They show all sorts of types of dinosaurs […]

Mud Pies

>Today we tried to beat the heat…literally. I think we may have won. We went outside at 8:30, right after breakfast. They children really played well, and we ended up staying out longer because we were having so much fun. Somehow while playing in the water table one of the children decided to make “pudding” […]

Summer is offically here!

>Today was a really good Monday…again I only had 5 children here, so it was still quiet but we still had fun. We are continuing in with our dinosaur theme this week, and we are really enjoying it. We read non-fiction book today in circle time that told us a lot about the dinosaurs and […]

A Party of 5

>Today I only had FIVE little ones with me. It was quiet, but almost too quiet. We miss our friends when they are away. Monday we should have all present and accounted for.We finished our F-Day projects and they turned out so sweet! I know the daddies are going to get a kick out of […]

Short & Sweet

>We had a great day, just now resting before going on our walk to the library to see STOMP. Hey…no comments have been posted in awhile from my parents. I appreciate your feedback when you read the posts. Please comment as you read so I know I am blogging for someone else’s sake rather than […]

>Today we all came in to school super excited about our first Wet Wednesday. We played in centers with many interruptions of questions “When will we go play in the water? Can I be the first one to get wet? Are you going to play in the water, too, Ms. Beth? Why will you melt […]