Smoke Smoke Smoke FIRE~

  We were ready for today ! Mr. Randy is still not feeling well today so Ms Bethany and I tackled the day.   There were three out so the […]

Fire ! Fire!

    We spent a lot of time outside this afternoon. So much in fact that we decided not to take a nap.  Some of your will be yelling for […]

People Who Keep Us Safe

Today has been a busy day.  It started with a visit from a princess.  Aveary was in a pageant over the weekend and WON !~ YAY AVEARY!  She brought her […]

Hump Day!

  Today has been a quiet day. We had a few friends out for dentist and doctor appointments.  The weather was amazing for outside time and we were all in […]

Five Little Monkeys

FIve LIttle Monkeys Jumpin On The Bed One Fell Off and Bumped His Head Momma Called the Doctor and The Doctor Said NO MORE MONKEY JUMPIN ON THE BED!   […]

Germs Germs Go Away

Today we started talking about people in our community that help keep us healthy.  When we started a list many of the answers I got to ” who helps us […]

Our Library is in our Community

Today we took our first trip to the library .  We were lucky enough to have three extra mommies with us to make the trip down a little easier and […]

Our Amazing Bodies

Today we started talking about our amazing bodies.   If you think about all the things we can do, it can be pretty overwhelming  Here are some milestones that preschoolers […]

People and Places that Provide us Food

> Happy Monday. As I typed that subject line, I realized that most of my table activities today are Halloween type stuff and do not go with out learning unit […]

My Friday

> Randy and I will be leaving very early in the morning to travel to southern Arkansas to be there when they set my parents gravestone. It will be an […]