Visiting the Health Dept

> Today we walked to the Health Department. We are so thankful we are centrally located and can visit places to learn. The whole experience is a teaching opportunity . We learn how to cross roads safely. We find reminders along the way of other things we have learned. In the pictures below two of […]

Smile and show me your teeth!

> Emeri was looking at our Peter Peter Pumpkin Eaters house this morning and guess what she found ! WOW! Looks like today we will learn some science whether it was planned or not. We cut open the pumpkin and talked about mold and how to grows. We washed the furniture that was in the […]

People and Places that Keep us Healthy

> Oh Monday ! I knew you would get here! Today we kicked off a new unit from Adventures in Learning that will help us learn more about people and places that keep us healthy. We talked about what ” healthy” means. We added new songs that were about being healthy – like Five Monkey’s […]


>Today we reviewed what we have learned this week about ” people that keep us safe.” We talked about Stop , Drop and Roll, Stay Low and Go, how to touch our door to see if it is hot if we smell smoke, and this nice officer below stopped by to remind us not to […]

Policemen keep us safe

> Mr. Randy carved out a pumpkin today . Tomorrow we will turn it into Peter Peter Pumpkin Eaters Home ! The policeman came today! We got to crawl through his backseat and look into his front seat. There were a LOT of gadgets there. He showed us all the parts of his uniform including […]

Stranger Danger

> Today we continued talking about ” people that keep us safe ” and included policemen. We didnt get the visit from the policeman as we hoped but he will be here tomorrow at 10:30. It is important to teach children to respect policeman and to trust policeman. We learned that policeman ride in cars, […]