Visiting the Health Dept

> Today we walked to the Health Department. We are so thankful we are centrally located and can visit places to learn. The whole experience is a teaching opportunity . […]

Smile and show me your teeth!

> Emeri was looking at our Peter Peter Pumpkin Eaters house this morning and guess what she found ! WOW! Looks like today we will learn some science whether it […]

People and Places that Keep us Healthy

> Oh Monday ! I knew you would get here! Today we kicked off a new unit from Adventures in Learning that will help us learn more about people and […]


>Today we reviewed what we have learned this week about ” people that keep us safe.” We talked about Stop , Drop and Roll, Stay Low and Go, how to […]

Policemen keep us safe

> Mr. Randy carved out a pumpkin today . Tomorrow we will turn it into Peter Peter Pumpkin Eaters Home ! The policeman came today! We got to crawl through […]

Stranger Danger

> Today we continued talking about ” people that keep us safe ” and included policemen. We didnt get the visit from the policeman as we hoped but he will […]