Modes of Transportation

Some of our friends that have been gone a while were back today !   Harelly , who is normall very quiet came back with a voice !   I […]

Emily is Here !

        Today  our new friend started. Her name is Emily.  Emily is four years old .  She lives with her grandma , Lisa and her grandpa , […]

Busy Friday – I need the weekend to rest !

We had a particularly busy day today.  I had four parent conferences before 8:30 am.  At 8:30 Malia’s dad arrived with his HUGE semi .  I was as amazed as […]


>Today we walked down to the railroad tracks in hopes of seeing the train and WE DID! We were there about 10 minutes and hear the whistle blow. The kids […]

Ze Plane Ze Plane!

> We are still talking about transportation today. I just walked around and snapped a few pictures of the children as they played. Here is Cohen working a puzzle. It […]

B is for Bus and B is for Bike

> Last night was FUN! We all met at the park for BYOB night. BRING YOUR OWN BIKE! We had several parents show up with kiddos and we had a […]

Ways We Go !

> Before I go into todays activities I would like to show you a picture of one of the things that makes me smile. I love walking into a room […]

Horses Of course !

> Isn’t the weather awesome today. It was a ” take our jackets off” kind of day! One of the three year olds was writing in his journal and I […]


> Today we had a new princess boat to play with in the water table. For small group today we played Bears on Boats. I took the small counting animals […]

Rocket Ship Run

>Today we were back on track to finish out the week with our transportation unit . This morning we talked about rockets. I know the kids are intrigued by rockets […]