The Easter Hunt

Today was a good day.  A new game we played today was ” Don’t eat Peter .”  The kids love this game and it comes in a lot of varieties for all holidays.   There are 9 places on the board and one child is sent out of the room. The other children decide which […]

Hippity Hoppity

Monday Monday…. what a fun day.  I have told you this before. I LOVE Mondays.  Mondays are usually one of our easier days.  Most Mondays starts a new unit which means all new table activities for the kids to enjoy. New toys = excited kids = happy teacher !             […]

Not a BAAAAAAD .. day

I am blogging a day late. After you have been married for at least ten years you know you spouse well enough to know that you will have to wait as he meanders through the house for two hours and you will sit and wait. So… Having so much to do last night I opted […]

Busy Beautiful Day

Our day started off great with Macus,  Kingston’s dad stopping in to read a story. Those are always great times as friends meet a mom or dad and the child learns to share a parent with his or her friends.  Kingston was so proud of his dad reading the story to his friends. The kids […]

Show and Tell

Today was show and tell .  Have I ever told you how much I dislike show and tell ? Is is so hard for this many kiddos to sit and listen to their friends and not to all gang up on him or her to see the special object. It is kinda like childbirth.  It […]

Busy Friday – I need the weekend to rest !

We had a particularly busy day today.  I had four parent conferences before 8:30 am.  At 8:30 Malia’s dad arrived with his HUGE semi .  I was as amazed as the kids were.  I couldn’t believe how much room was in the cab. He had a bed in there.  All 16 kids got up in […]

From Hot Springs With Love

Today while I was learning how to make the world a better place for our children                               ( This statistic really struck me .  How easy is it to pick up a book and read for 5 minutes? A friend pointed […]

Rainboot Heaven

                              There was lots of spontaneous learning going on in our room today.    On days like this it is hard to stop the play to move on to my agenda.  Hm…. I will let that thought soak in a little. […]

Crazy Hat Day

We had 100% participation for hat day today!   I am SO impressed. I don’t think 100% has ever happened in the history of our preschool.  Awesome parenting  ….   There was no real rhyme or reason for hat day other than it being Mad Hatters Day . Mad Hatter Day is a great day […]

People Who Keep Us Safe

Today has been a busy day.  It started with a visit from a princess.  Aveary was in a pageant over the weekend and WON !~ YAY AVEARY!  She brought her crown in this morning to show us all.   This reminded me of the days that Danielle competed and how much fun the pageants always […]