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Category: Art

Kids are funny

Published on September 30, 2010 under Art
>" I'm not allergic to girls anymore!" That was my favorite quote of the day! If he only knew how those little girls will make him do stupid stuff years from now.Another funny moment today…
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Whoa is me Wednesday !

Published on September 22, 2010 under Art
>JUST KIDDING! We have had a great day!We continued to talk about feelings and emotions today. We read the book again called " When Sophie gets angry, really really angry." We read many of our…
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Great Day

Published on August 26, 2010 under Art
>YIKES.... it is time to get the kids up and I have not gotten this blog up yet today! This will be a quick one ! Remember the work we have been doing at the…
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3D Art

Published on August 25, 2010 under Art
>Each day I feeling us getting in our routines a little more. I totally take back any conclusions I jumped to on our first day! :) Just kidding around... I know it takes everyone a…
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Happy Birthday to me!

Published on April 8, 2010 under Art
>A few nights ago I was bored in Walmart. Rarely am I the one waiting as Randy checks out, but I was. So.. I took his picture in Aisle 10. On facebook some of my…
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Rain is Falling Down..

Published on April 7, 2010 under Art
>Today has been one of those days that just feels good. ( I think the boys thought so too !)Randy got my letters staked out in front of the house. I LOVE it. What I…
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Published on April 6, 2010 under Als Pals
>I was SO thrilled to look at my lesson plans and see that today we were talking about " wind." I dont think we could have had better timing with the " wind advisory" that…
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