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Category: Art

Happy Birthday to me!

Published on April 8, 2010 under Art
>A few nights ago I was bored in Walmart. Rarely am I the one waiting as Randy checks out, but I was. So.. I took his picture in Aisle 10. On facebook some of my…
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Rain is Falling Down..

Published on April 7, 2010 under Art
>Today has been one of those days that just feels good. ( I think the boys thought so too !)Randy got my letters staked out in front of the house. I LOVE it. What I…
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Published on April 6, 2010 under Als Pals
>I was SO thrilled to look at my lesson plans and see that today we were talking about " wind." I dont think we could have had better timing with the " wind advisory" that…
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Published on April 5, 2010 under Art
>I feel like a whine bag today. My eyes are still red, itchy and swollen and then I burned my fingers on the hot glue gun. OUCH! SOOOO glad I am not a person familiar…
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What did you do on Spring Break

Published on March 29, 2010 under Art
>We are back at school. Several ( 4 ) of our friends were out today. It made the transition from break a little easier. Below you will see a picture of my mom. This is…
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Once upon a rainbow

Published on March 11, 2010 under Art
>Somewhere, over the rainbow....After the kiddos finished up their leprechaun pictures from yesterday, we started a collaborative rainbow project !It was during free choice time so there were other activities going on at the same…
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Where is Ireland ?

Published on March 9, 2010 under Art
>Do you know the real story behind St. Patricks Day? That is what we are exploring for the next two weeks. The past two days we have read a factual book about St Patricks Day.…
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Teachable Moments

Published on February 25, 2010 under Art
>Today was a PERFECT day. If a preschool teacher hit the jackpot, today would be it ! Let me tell you about my day.. so exciting!We are still talking about transportation and we made these…
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