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Great Day

Published on August 26, 2010 under Art


YIKES…. it is time to get the kids up and I have not gotten this blog up yet today! This will be a quick one !

Remember the work we have been doing at the art easel? Below is a three year olds art. At first all you will see is paint… kinda swirled on the page in most cases. They are experimenting with how to use their hands with the brush and even color mixing ( not really on purpose ). It is the process they are enjoying, not the product.
As they get a little older and develop more control , you actually see THINGS!
New art in the kids bathroom… I love it.

I love watching the little ones play alone. It is like the are in their own little world of make believe.
Journaling… this is how we get that practice holding a a crayon or pencil. Each day we take time to ” write ” in our journals. They are not told what to write or draw . Sometimes I might tell them a story and ask them to draw something from the story, but if they chose not to it is ok. We have writing experiences all over the room all day but sometimes children chose not to do them. With journaling , I know that atleast once a day they are being exposed to fine motor practice.


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