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Kids are funny

Published on September 30, 2010 under Art


” I’m not allergic to girls anymore!” That was my favorite quote of the day! If he only knew how those little girls will make him do stupid stuff years from now.

Another funny moment today was before nap time Randy said to Audrey from the other side of the room ” Lay down princess.” Without even looking to see where he was and who he was talking to she replied ” I am.” I guess some of us just know our place in life. 🙂
Below is a book I got in the mail that I plan to start reading. I am a member of The National Associations for the Education of Young Children and periodically I get books in the mail . I was excited to get this one. It’s says ” The Seven Essential Life Skills That Every Child Needs.” I cant wait to get started on it.

Beth and I have been working in the resource room again and we came across the train tracks. It doesnt have a lot to do with our unit right now, but there is no golden rule that everything MUST correlate . I was trying to decide whether I wanted to put it in the yard sale this weekend. I think you can see from the pictures, the answer would be a firm – NO- Keep it.

I also introduced the double sided table easel today. Watercolors !!!

Randy doing ” magic” with his hillbilly wallet. 🙂
Geneviette lost her first tooth. She will be 5 in November. She was SO excited this morning to show everyone.
Quilts…. we made one of our art work that we plan to take to Quail Ridge tonight ( 6 pm )
This is a group picture after our practice session for tonight . Meet there on State Line Road at 5:50. We will go in at 6:00. We will be there MAYBE 15 minutes. After that you are invited to join Randy and I for ice cream cones at Mc Donalds- our treat.


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