Spring Break Fun!

> We have had tons of fun. If it wasn’t 11:57  right now and I didn’t have to get up at 6:15 I would tell you all about it.  But for a quick wrap up.   1.  Jones Center  AETN  day….  100o kids, Clifford the Big Red Dog and yes, if you look good enough- […]

The “write” stuff

>The older kids have really been into writing today.   They have made list and graphs galore.   This is how children become better writers. I can throw dot to dot in front of them all day, but if they aren’t ready— they aren’t ready. Here is an article that discusses the “stages of writing” […]

We’re Goin’ on a Leprechaun Hunt!

> Our day started off pretty normal. Well, sort of – if you consider normal having the USDA food program sponsor show up and tell me Lucky Charms are not credible.  I honestly thought they were since they were less than 12 grams of sugar but I guess the rule is less than 10 grams. […]

Rainbows and Muffin Tin Mondays

> So.. it is a little SIDEWAYS . Let’s just call that your challenge for the day!  This is what was on our journal this morning as the kids arrived.  MUFFIN TIN MONDAY!   A lot of homeschooling moms that blog have this trendy thing going on called MUFFIN TIN MONDAY. Each Monday they feed […]

Friday !!!!

>Today is Friday. We have continued our St Patty’s Day activities.   Not a lot to report today..  just a normal day. Normal is GOOD. Look for some changes next week- it is time to step it up for these kiddos getting ready for kindergarten. Elliot picked up a book off the washing machine today […]

Lots of Learning going on !

> Today has been one of those days that you say ” this is the way it is supposed to be.” Yesterday, I spent a lot of time looking around for things I forget to do and it can be quite  overwhelming.   For instance, I changed out all the free art and put new […]

Stick Day

> At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.  Todays gold is happening as we speak. My dad just came out of surgery from getting his defibbrulator  and the surgeon said he did GREAT!  YAY! What wonderful news !  This pot of gold you see on my post is for the kids. […]

Happy Dance

>I am doing the happy dance right now.  I just talked to my mom and  they are moving my dad to a regular room out of CCU !  Woo WHOO!   He still has to get a defibrillator put in before he comes home but every day is looking better.   We had fun today.  We talked […]