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B is for Bus and B is for Bike

Published on March 9, 2011 under cooking with kids


Last night was FUN! We all met at the park for BYOB night. BRING YOUR OWN BIKE! We had several parents show up with kiddos and we had a blast !

Today a school bus visited us to show us another form of transportation ! The kids loved getting on. Some things we learned are :
There is a 10 foot danger zone around the bus. Always take 5 huge steps away from the bus when you get off.
There are numbered seats on the bus. The driver will assign you a seat. The younger children sit at the front.
There are emergency exits. When school starts the drivers actually practice evacuation with k-5 kiddos!
There is an arm that comes out when the bus stops to remind us never to walk so close in front of the bus. We have to be far enough away that the driver can see us.
We always SIT on the bus and never hit our friends.
The bus has 6 wheels.
The bus seats are cushioned on the front and back for safety.

He gave us a note for our moms and dads and a coloring book . He also gave us a little yellow school bus. Many of us can’t wait to ride a school bus !

Once inside we made our own school buses from twinkies and oreos. YUM- O

It was a good day. Thanks Mr. Avery !


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