Mud Pies

>Today we tried to beat the heat…literally. I think we may have won. We went outside at 8:30, right after breakfast. They children really played well, and we ended up staying out longer because we were having so much fun. Somehow while playing in the water table one of the children decided to make “pudding” […]

Summer is offically here!

>Today was a really good Monday…again I only had 5 children here, so it was still quiet but we still had fun. We are continuing in with our dinosaur theme this week, and we are really enjoying it. We read non-fiction book today in circle time that told us a lot about the dinosaurs and […]

A Party of 5

>Today I only had FIVE little ones with me. It was quiet, but almost too quiet. We miss our friends when they are away. Monday we should have all present and accounted for.We finished our F-Day projects and they turned out so sweet! I know the daddies are going to get a kick out of […]

Short & Sweet

>We had a great day, just now resting before going on our walk to the library to see STOMP. Hey…no comments have been posted in awhile from my parents. I appreciate your feedback when you read the posts. Please comment as you read so I know I am blogging for someone else’s sake rather than […]

>Today we all came in to school super excited about our first Wet Wednesday. We played in centers with many interruptions of questions “When will we go play in the water? Can I be the first one to get wet? Are you going to play in the water, too, Ms. Beth? Why will you melt […]

Rainy Day toys

>Well, the rain was with us this morning, and the sun did come out, but much to our dismay it did not dry up the playground enough to go outside. We instead had lots of fun playing with our rainy day toys. Ms. Beth brought a game from home called Cranium Hullabaloo. The kids really […]

Another quiet Monday

>We had two absent today, so it was quieter than usual, but we had a great day. We began our study dinosaurs with the book Danny and the Dinosaur. The children really seemed to enjoy this book in circle time. We also read a similar story, If I Had A Dinosaur. We learned about “carnivores” […]

Singin’ in the rain

>Today was full of excitement… I purchased that materials to make the tie-dyed shirts and we made them this morning during free-choice center time. The kids really got to do this project by themselves…it is very simple. They turned out great…very vibrant and colorful, and the kids were so proud of what they had done. […]

Our First Outing

>Today began with much excitement about our “field trip” to the library. I kept getting asked “Is it time to go to the library yet?” As hard as it was, we played in centers for a bit, and then had circle time before we left. This morning I asked Debbie to preheat the oven before […]

Sharks, Fish Pigs and Wolves

>Today we added a new activity that was very popular…hammer and nails (golf tees) with styrofoam. There was a line all morning to take a whack at it…we will be keeping this going for awhile I think. In circle time. we discussed again the differences and similarities in the Three Little Fish and The Three […]