Two Days Worth of Fun !

I didnt get to blog yesterday.  I was speaking at a ladies ministry event at church last night and getting things ready for that instead of blogging.  Sometimes it is just too difficult to get everything done I need to accomplish in  day .  If they ever offer a few more days in the week […]

V is for Valentine

Many of our friends were still out sick today. It was a slim crowd but we had fun !                                             We learned that if you stack two V’s and then connect them they make […]

Chocolate ?

We have had a good time today exploring new materials. The Valentines box is full of goodies ! There were Valentines letters to match upper to lower case. There were Valentines erasers to sort , match and stack.                                   […]

Cherry Yumminess

What a slow wonderful day today was ! We still have friends out sick .The strange thing is they seem to all be different things like the flu, ears, throwing up….  Whatever it is, I am ready for it to BE GONE. This is getting a bit crazy. For small groups The kids played a […]

Hearts !

It is that time of year when we start drawing hearts  and cutting out hearts .  I tell you I was ready for a little love .  After having the flu over the weekend I was too drained to even muster a smile. But this morning I was ready to face the music and dance […]

I love routines !

> Today has seemed like a very calm day. Maybe it is because we are back into our routines again. I had to wonder if that may be a reason I enjoy being a preschool teacher so much . I LOVE routines too ! Daniel loves playing in the homemade gak ! This is a […]

Back on Track

> We all seem to be back on schedule today… and that is an awesome thing! We started an experiment today. We put these white carnations in water with food coloring . We talked about how plants outside drink water and discussed how we thought these plants might change colors. It will be interesting to […]

Happy Valentines Day

> Its pretty late. Today EXHAUSTED me. I think I got used to our snow days off. To come back after being out for a few days and it be a HOLIDAY/ PARTY day… wow . I am using a different camera so it may take me a few days to get in the swing. […]

Whew ! Day two of school this week !

>I took lots of great pictures on my phone today and now they wont load. 🙁 I cant find the battery charger for the camera… 🙁 So , I grabbed a video I put on facebook today of one of the groups of kinds making tarts. We had a fun day. I usually dont bring […]