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Busy Friday – I need the weekend to rest !

Published on November 11, 2011 under parent involvement

We had a particularly busy day today.  I had four parent conferences before 8:30 am.  At 8:30 Malia’s dad arrived with his HUGE semi .  I was as amazed as the kids were.  I couldn’t believe how much room was in the cab. He had a bed in there.  All 16 kids got up in it at one point .  Thanks for bringing it by Phillip !






























































Not long after coming in from touring Malia’s dads truck we walked downtown to the veterans day parade.  It was a fun time.   There were policemen, motorcycles , firetrucks and the band.  Good times !






























































We also honored Bethany on her last day.   We made small art projects to put in an album next to our pictures.  We ended the day with cake !



























It was a good day. Have a great weekend everyone  !













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