I am happy to say that today we finished up our Dial three  assessments.  It is very comprehensive and takes SO much time.  Our parent teacher conferences are scheduled for October 1st . On that day we will discuss results.  In the picture below Ms Dallas is playing a game with Tiana trying to see […]

On Monday it Rained

Yes it did.  Perfect to go along with a book I have about emotions called  ” On Monday it rained .”   Thankful for lots of resources at my fingertips that allow me to teach the kids the things that are going on in their world . We read  ” On Monday it Rained ” […]

Cherry Yumminess

What a slow wonderful day today was ! We still have friends out sick .The strange thing is they seem to all be different things like the flu, ears, throwing up….  Whatever it is, I am ready for it to BE GONE. This is getting a bit crazy. For small groups The kids played a […]

Roar !

If I could stand at the top of a mountain and ROAR how wonderful my parents are I would gladly do that ! This morning I noticed several parents just hanging out . That is more the norm this year than not.  My goal this year has been to include more parent involvement in our […]

Monkey Bread !

I usually blog when the kids are napping .Today as I was getting my pictures together I thought ” Debbie ! You plan your busiest days when Dallas is not here.  Are you CRAZY!  Randy and I are used to working alone but I need to remember to save the high energy days for when […]

Gingerbread man science

Today we had a mommy and daddy in to play with us for over two hours. Leo and Becky have been with us so much this year , they are like family.  What is amazing is they both work full time jobs too and still take the time.  Becky is our official crown maker when […]


How do you teach a child to be ” thankful?” How do you even explain to a child what ” being thankful ” means ” I think the main way is to lead by example.  An example is to be careful what you ” whine ” or show disappointment about.  If you complain too much […]

Gobble Gobble

Today the kids played ” build a pilgrim” with Ms Dallas. It was a math game . They also watched a little two minute segment of a video about how the pilgrims got to American and why .                                   […]

Let the Gobbling Begin !

This morning at 7:30 was my first parent conference. I love this time of year when I can share what I have learned about my children so far and where I would like to see us go by the end of the year.  Setting goals is important to all of us whether is be personal […]

Operation Christmas Child

Today we finally had the time to fill our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  We had plenty of ” stuff”  . Thanks for all of those that sent toys for the boxes and thanks to Alina’s dad for hanging out and helping stuff them !  Teaching children it is better to give than receive is […]