Leaves and Math

Today was the day we all brought leaves in.  ( What !!! You forgot ?? Dont worry i have trees and Ive got your back! We sorted them and counted them. We compared them. We even used them in an art project !   We had another learning experience today that was not planned for. […]

Holy Guacamole ! What a day !

Today hasnt necessarily been bad. Randy had an important task in Springdale this morning at 930 so Dallas and I were on our own.  For some reason  mid morning I decided to let the kids help me get lunch together.  We made homemade pizzas on whole grain english muffins.  That went really well but left […]

Even our skin is unique

Today has been a hectic day. I am not sure why other than we have had a lot of visitors.  We had an observer in the classroom and Kat’s Grandma, Raenelle came in to do pendulum painting with the kids and that was a hit ! Also, I do ongoing developmental assessments of the kids […]

Good Gravy !

    This morning we started our day on the playground. What a BEAUTIFUL morning it was for hanging out.  So that I dont confuse you, I  want to point out that the sign in sheet is almost ALWAYS inside even when we are outside.  I brought it with me so I could record how […]

Rainy Day Toys !

Today we had two more new moms come in and play and a DADDY! This is Liz, Joslyn’s mom.  Liz had fun playing playdoh and dressing up in the dramatic play area and having a tea party . Thanks Liz. Ty’s mom, Rhonda stayed for a bit and played this morning while grandma had baby […]

Mommy Power !

Wow… today we had mommy power all over this house.  Tiana’s mom Mikkeala is still helping us find our name cards before breakfast  – SUCH a great help. Today was Dallas’ day to hang out and help us. ( She will usually be here on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. ) Dallas has such a big […]

Get To Know You Play Date #2

Today was our second ” get to know you ” play date. I have never had these before but thought with thirteen new ones coming in at one time we could use a little more time to bond before the big day.  I try to make all the decisions I make for our school based […]

Welcome to our New School Year !

Tonight was our first play date / mixer/ get to know you event of the new 2012-2013 school year.  I was so excited to meet our new friends and the mommies and daddy’s that brought them.  I dont believe I heard one melt down or see one run away child the whole hour we were […]

Happy 5th of May ( early )

Today we celebrated Cinco DeMayo with Mrs. Jeanette.  Mrs. Jeanette was Mary Burton’s former spanish teacher in high school . She lives in Rogers now and is working on her doctorate  . What a wonderful day we had.  She is a special  lady. Listening to her tell the kids stories about Mexico and sing in […]


Parent Teacher conferences this morning starting at 7:30.  Always a fun time to be able to look at the numbers from the Dial Three in the fall and compare them to now. There is so much learning going on that you never see but the scores on the assessments show you what we really do […]